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Recommended Links

Recommended Website Links

For those of you who are interested in the current status of elasmobranch research, as well as thought-provoking discussions, we recommend you take the time to visit the Websites that are linked below. You will find them informative and/or dedicated out of admiration to one of our planet's most magnificent and ancient predators - the shark.

Sharkman's World   —  A very nice web site by Alex "The Sharkman" Buttigieg, a Maltese professional dive instructor with a life-long passion for sharks and their conservation. Alex was instrumental in passing legislation that protects the White Shark in the waters surrounding Malta.

Shark Research Centre   —  This web site describes the projects and publications of the Shark Research Centre, headed by renowned chondrichthyan systematist Leonard J.V. Compagno, at the South African Museum.

Shark Research Institute   —   The Shark Research Institute (SRI), an international research and conservation organization, is headquartered at Princeton, New Jersey. SRI also maintains the Global Shark Attack File, a database created by and for physicians and serious researchers who require accurate information about shark/human interactions worldwide.

Reef Quest Centre for Shark Research   —   A superb web site by R. Aidan Martin and Anne Martin providing the most current research data and information for sharks and rays, with frequent updates of their numerous research projects in progress. The site features the illustrations of RAM.

Alessandro De Maddalena   —   Researcher and illustrator and Curator of the Italian Great White Shark Data Bank and member of the Mediterranean Shark Research Group.

California Grunion    Excellent web site by Karen Martin providing the life history of the California Grunion.

Shark Trust   —   An interesting web site for this U.K. based non-profit shark research and conservation organization featuring good content by Ian K. Fergusson, punctuated by the gorgeous underwater photos of Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch.

Elasmobranch Research Around Monterey Bay      Home page of Henry F. Mollet, Research Affiliate at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.

Canadian Shark Research Laboratory   —   This site is an important source of information concerning existing and emerging shark research along the Canadian coast.

Fiona's Shark Mania   —   Wonderfully eclectic site created by SHARK-L founder Fiona Webster, featuring a gallery of artwork by Richard Ellis and the most exhaustive list of shark-related links anywhere on the Internet.

Animal Attack Files    —   This web site provides a global chronological listing of reported attacks by animals on humans. Thorough coverage of the subject.

Discovery Channel: U.S.S. Indianapolis   —   An excellent web site featuring archival photos and interviews with survivors of the WWII sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis in 'shark infested' waters, an incident made famous by a spell-binding sequence in the 1975 movie 'JAWS.'

U.S.S Indianapolis CA-35   —   The official web site dedicated to survivors and the memory of those lost due to the wartime sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis.

Projecto Cacao - Biologia E Pesca De Elasmobranquios   —   Otto Bismarck F. Gadig web site describing his research of Brazil's elasmobranchs.

Squali   —   Italian web site by author and researcher Fabio Fino.

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