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Guest Speaker and Media Consultant

Are you in search of a guest speaker who will electrify and immerse your audience in a visual world of wonder and enlightenment? Does your recreational club, educational institution, or media project need a peer-recognized expert on White Shark attacks and behavior? Look no further.

Ralph S. Collier is internationally recognized as the leading authority on Pacific Coast White Shark attacks. For more than 40 years he has studied White Shark predatory behavior and biology as they relate to interactions with humans. His audio visual library extends for more than four decades and is unequaled in content. Excerpts from his exceptional collection of data and understanding about how, when, where, and why White Sharks attack have been published in professional journals, research symposium volumes, and appeared in more than 100 articles in the popular press. His book, “Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century: from the Pacific Coast of North America,” has been proclaimed “a masterpiece” by colleagues and shark enthusiasts worldwide.             

Mr. Collier’s accomplishments include:
Founder and President of the Shark Research Committee
Pioneering the technique for using "interspace measurements" from tooth impressions to determine shark species and size.
The first researcher to cite the significance of White Shark attack “recurring locations,” as they pertain to attacks on humans.
The first researcher to note the significance, and correlation, between juvenile White Shark appearances at Southern California beaches and Grunion spawns.
The first to postulate the significance behind the oddity of “eye rolling” by the White Shark during feeding and/or investigation behaviors.

Mr. Collier has appeared in more than a dozen Discovery Channel Shark Week Specials and more than two dozen independent documentaries. He has been a continuing consultant for TV news programs including; NBC Sunday Today Show, KNBC News, CBS News, The O'Reilly Factor, ABC News, CNN, The Heartland on FOX News, FOX News Los Angeles, KFMB, MSNBC, and most recently FOX News Geraldo At Large.

For additional information or to arrange for an appearance please contact Ralph S. Collier at SharkResearch@AOL.com .


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