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Annotated List of Shark Attacks Along the Pacific Coast:  2000 - Present






29 Sep 2000

P. E.


Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, CA


4 Nov 2000

C. S.


Bunkers, Humboldt Bay, CA


31 May 2002

L. F.


Stinson Beach, CA


21 Sep 2002

R. R.


Moonstone Beach, CA


23 Sep 2002

G. T.


Cape Kiwanda, Oregon


28 Nov 2002

M. C.


Salmon Creek, CA


19 Aug 2003

D. F.


Avila, CA


28 May 2004

B. C.


Salmon Creek, CA


26 Jun 2004 K. F. Surfing San Onofre Trail # 1, CA Survived

15 Aug 2004

R. F.


Ten Mile River Beach, Ft. Bragg, CA


20 Aug 2004 S. L. Surfing 204s, San Clemente, CA Survived
20 Sep 2004 S. M. Surfing Gold Beach, Oregon Survived
1 Oct 2004 C. W. Surfing Lifeguard Tower 16, Huntington Beach, CA Survived
2 Oct 2004 B. I. Surfing Pismo Beach, CA Survived
10 Oct 2004 P. DJ. Surfing Limantour Beach, Point Reyes, CA Survived
11 Nov 2004 B. K. Surfing "Bunkers" - North Jetty, Humboldt Bay, CA Survived
24 Aug 2005 T. S. Surfing Scripps Pier, La Jolla Shores, CA Survived
19 Oct 2005 M. H. Surfing Salmon Creek, CA Survived
21 Oct 2005 C. R. Surfing Mouth of the Klamath River, CA Survived
2 Nov 2005 J. D. Surfing Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA Survived
3 Nov 2005 T. W. Surfing Pillar Point, Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, CA Survived
24 Dec 2005 B. A. Surfing First Point, Tillamook Head, Oregon Survived
18 Jan 2006 M. L. Surfing Second Bowl, 'The Hook,' Santa Cruz, CA Survived
17 Jun 2006 J. P. Diving Monterey Plaza Hotel Beach, CA Survived
31 Jul 2006 R. M. Surfing Short Sands Beach, Oswald State Park, Oregon Survived
29 Aug 2006 T. L. Surfing South Jetty, Siuslaw River , Florence, Oregon Survived
31 Oct 2006 T. P. Surfing Siletz River, Lincoln City, Oregon Survived
10 Dec 2006 R. F. Surfing Dillon Beach, CA Survived
30 Jun 2007 K. Z. Swimming Will Rogers State Beach, CA Survived
17 Jul 2007 S. L. Swimming Faria Beach, CA Survived
21 Jul 2007 "Dan" Kayaking Bean Hollow Beach, San Mateo County, CA Survived
22 Jul 2007 V. C. Paddleboard Malibu, CA Survived
28 Jul 2007 J. S. Surfing Imperial Beach, CA Survived
28 Aug 2007 T. E. Surfing Marina State Beach, CA Survived
27 Sep 2007 S. S. Surfing Moonstone Beach, Humboldt County, CA Survived
30 Sep 2007 A. S. Surfing Santa Monica Beach, CA Survived
7 Oct 2007 S. B. Surfing Venice Beach, CA Survived
7 Mar 2008 T. L. Surfing Dog Beach - Huntington Beach, CA Survived
25 Apr 2008 D. M. Swimming Fletcher Cove, Solana Beach, CA Fatal
21 Jun 2008 B.P. Kayaking West Cove, Catalina Island, CA Survived




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